Vocal Coaching and
Presentation Skills for

Your voice has the power to influence and inspire, but at the same time it can also undermine you or weaken the message you are communicating. Drawn from a variety of some of the most prolific performance practices, this course adds techniques to your toolkit to develop a speaking voice and physical confidence which compels attention. Explore how to manage nerves, align your voice and body, and enhance resonance, pitch, articulation and clarity. This course introduces you to the skills that elite performers develop and use every day.


The Vocal Coaching and Presentation Skills Package is delivered across two days with four-hour sessions each day, with an option to engage in further coaching sessions on either an ongoing or ad hoc basis. Day one will introduce key skills for performing with confidence in high stakes and pressured situations using scenario-based improvised activities and introducing basic vocal techniques. Day two will hone these skills to address the specific needs of the individual or group determined by the work they are engaged in. Optional follow up sessions can then be designed around key skills that may require further development. 


  • enhanced vocal presence

  • improved vocal performance

  • increased awareness of the voice to engage the listener

  • practical understanding of exercises to expand vocal agility

  • greater confidence presenting to small and large audiences

  • increased awareness of communication strengths and challenges

  • improved ability to engage and influence your audience

  • enhanced physical and vocal personal presence

  • greater ability to deliver dynamic and successful presentations

  • practical understanding of storytelling techniques and strategies

Please prepare a short presentation of up to 2 minutes, which is current and pertinent to your work. You will not need to prepare or bring any audio/video aids, however feel free to bring printed copy of your presentation if you need a reference. It is advisable that participants wear loose and comfortable clothing as there will be some movement exercises.

$400 per person (this course allows for a maximum of 12 people per session)

Optional follow up $100 per session